“Only in Oldham” – Kentucky Bourbon, Horses & Trains!

Known as one of the wealthiest counties and for having the best education system in the state today, it’s hard to believe Oldham County began as a rural county. Areas such as Anchorage and Pewee Valley developed into bedroom communities of Louisville. This was during the turn of the century when Annie Fellows Johnston immortalized Pewee Valley in her Little Colonel book series. She captured the feel of the Old South which remains along the quaint streets of Pewee Valley today. Many other communities retain their historic feel such as Floydsburg and Brownsboro. Westport, now a much quieter town than the rowdy center of things in the early 1800s, still lies along the Ohio River, a witness to centuries of change.

Oldham, KY has grown with the times, as all towns have. But we have managed to maintain the small town charm while welcoming those convenient amenities. We are still a bedroom community to Louisville, however, Oldham County has become the place to live if working in Louisville, just 20 minutes from downtown. Here you can espace the hustle and bustle of the city to come home to a place that’s still serene and family-friendly. If you want a glimpse of our lifestyle, visit our La Grange Crossroads District, one of the coolest Main Streets in the state!

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JonVoightBecause of Oldham County’s natural beauty and untouched landscapes, it’s no wonder we have served as the backdrop of MANY movies and TV shows! Three Hallmark movies were recently filmed in-part in Oldham County, the most recent being “The Ultimate Legacy” series in which La Grange served as the spot for the World Premier. Look for the next Hallmark movie coming soon featuring Jon Voight, a regular visitor to our town. (use JonVoight photo). Interested in filming in Oldham County, visit our Oldham In Film page! One of the most popular blockbuster movies filmed in-part in Oldham County was “Elizabethtown.”

Today, Oldham County has made a name for itself in many areas of Kentucky living, both past and present. Experience a sample of what you’ll find “Only in Oldham”:

• We are the “Farm Tour Capital of KY” (link to Farm Tours page) – 12 Educational Farm Experiences, including horses!

• We are the ONLY place in the country with a running Trains ON Main Street and the ONLY Train Observation Tower on a Main Street in Kentucky

• We have the ONLY craft distillery producing 3 high-end Kentucky bourbons – Kentucky Artisan Distillery, home to Jefferson’s, Whiskey Row, and Highspire Rye

• We have Google’s “Best Bed and Breakfast for Amenities” in Kentucky

• We have the award-winning Yew Dell Botanical Gardens & Garden Center

• We have the ONLY 5-Star Indoor Gun Range & Paintball/Reball Arena in KY – Open Range Sports

• We have one of the most visited Tea Parlors in Kentucky – Sisters Tea Parlor & Boutique

• We were home to the “Father of the Motion Picture” – DW Griffith

• We were the home of Rob Morris, Founder of the Order of the Eastern Star

• We were home to the first African-American Newspaper Editor, Henry Bibb

You see, there are 10 unique attractions to experience in Oldham County that you can’t find in other parts of Kentucky! Bourbon, Horses, Trains and History – all in one place!

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Come and enjoy your stay in our backyard! We look forward to your visit!