Not Your Mama’s Petting Zoos in the “Farm Tour Capital of Kentucky”

15 Hands-On Tours April – October      20 minutes from Louisville

24-hour Advance Reservation required for all tours



Did you know… Most Kentucky horse farm tours don’t allow you to TOUCH a horse? But here in Oldham, KY, touching is not only ALLOWED, it’s ENCOURAGED!


Why You’ll LOVE Our Behind-the-Scenes Farm Tours
10,000+ tourists annually say– “These tours are ADDICTING so be sure to book more than one!”

All 15 Oldham Farm Tours are informative and let you experience farm life firsthand – but in a FUN and EDUCATIONAL way! Be sure to ask for the best time of day for their tour so you can help with feeding, milking, brushing, and picking! So go ahead, get up close – love on our animals. Pick and taste the organic veggies. Smell the flowers and Kentucky native plants. Feed our calves a bottle. Learn about conservation and sustainability. Appreciate the difference of heirloom produce and heritage animal breeds! You’ll want to experience them ALL!

Facebook-GeorgeCroppedYES, you’ll learn about alpaca. THEN you’ll step inside Denise’s art studio to learn how she turns her alpaca wool into gorgeous fabrics. You can also make a take-home gift! (cars & vans only)

YES, you’ll learn about the life of Kentucky racehorse fresh off the track from their last race! THEN you’ll feed them carrots and peppermints, and love on them! You could even adopt one at Second Stride!

YES, you’ll learn about Kentucky bison and other “heritage” animals. THEN you’ll see (and taste!) gourmet organic produce raised for high-end hotels and restaurants just above the Ohio River. And did we mention the GIANT hot pink snails and HUGE green rabbits that line their driveway?

YES, you’ll tour one of Kentucky’s few working commercial dairy farms. THEN you just might be able to feed a baby calf and learn to make artisan cheese! Oh, did we mention that their cows are so happy, they DREAM? Really!

Group Tours Be sure to check out our Groups page for fabulous Oldham Tour Perks and regional trip planning assistance. Come Touch the Memories in the perfect regional HUB – Oldham County, Kentucky!


Vegetable Market

NEW! OldhamPeople representing farm-to-table movement’s Foodie Farm Tours

A Chef’s Playground – the Farm!

Our farms are where your food REALLY comes from! There’s a reason the Louisville area is a FOODIE DESTINATION and now,  you’ll see (and taste!) first-hand why our farms have become well-known for growing the best organic and heirloom foods! Served at some of the best restaurants in the region, you’ll savor this behind-the-scenes look into a chef’s playground – the foodie farm!

If you care where your food comes from, if you are interested in sustainable agriculture and conservation, or you have an interest in heirloom produce, heritage meats, Kentucky native plants, or even farmer’s markets, these tours are for you! See below for farm details!

Harvest Moon Dairy     Kentucky Artisan Distillery    Meadowview Farm & Habitat Gardens
  Hemmer Hill Sheep Farm    Woodland Farm (KY Bison Co.)    Rootbound Farm



All farms below are private property and because they are “working” farms, require tours to be scheduled 24 hours in advance. If less than 10 people, call the Farms directly to book your tours. Addresses will be given at time of reservation.


Bluebonnets & Bluegrass Alpaca Farm & Fiber Studio


Crestwood, KY (Exit 14 off I-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
502.727.2072 – Website

Individual Tours (under 10 ppl): $15 per person. $30 tour min. Cars/vans only.
Take-home souvenir additional (request at reservation)
Tour Length: 1 Hour
Age: 6+

This behind-the-scenes tour is like getting two cool tours for the price of one! The first part of the tour is walking with Denise through her herd to learn about raising alpaca and the love that goes into it. Then you’ll step inside her fiber studio to learn the process of felting her alpacas’ wool into fine fabrics. Did you know… not all alpaca wool is created equal? Learn the difference in wools and why her passion for alpaca has turned what was once her hobby into an artistic reputation for gorgeous clothing that can now be found in galleries and high-end art fairs. This is one fascinating tour!


Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve


12501 Harmony Landing Road, Goshen, KY (Exit 14 off I-71)
502.228.4362 – WebsiteEmailDirections

Creasey is a public nature preserve whose hours are sun-up to sundown.
Cost: No cost.
Office hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve is a 170-acre scenic and popular destination. With 9 miles of wooded trails, 4 year-round springs, creeks and ponds, picnic pavilions and native grasslands, there are many recreational opportunities for the entire family. There is a natural history museum featuring a bird blind and a toddler’s magical forest play area. The 207-year-old historic Mahan Manor and Spring House are available for tours.

Always family-friendly, visitors may enjoy the City of Goshen playground, open fields, gazebos and the county library, too! Beautiful gardens feature native woodland wildflowers, ferns, and creeks and waterfalls.


Dropseed Native Plant Nursery & Farm


Goshen, KY (Exit 14 of I-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
502.439.9033 – WebsiteEmail

Dropseed Native Plant Nursery produces native plants and seed for restoration and home landscaping projects. Visitors can tour the gardens, greenhouses, and seed production plots. Bonus Tour: While on site, see the farming activities at Field 51 Produce, a farm sharing the same property producing vegetables, chickens and sheep.


Harvest Moon Dairy Farm


Crestwood, KY (Exit 14 or 22 off I-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
502.817.3165 – WebsiteEmail

Best Tour Time: 3-3:30pm.
All Tours: $10 per person. $60 tour minimum.
Individuals call to be combined with others for per-person savings!
Tour Length: 1.5 Hours
Age: 6+

At Harvest Moon Farm and Dairy, they love what they do, and it shows! They enjoy teaching about life as a working dairy for Dean’s Foods, and love showing the process of how their milk gets to your favorite grocery! Tours are educational and offer the hands-on experiences such as making corn meal, milking and feeding the animals. Tours may include the rest of the farm showing how to grow, harvest, and store crops; use conservation practices to protect the environment; or any seasonal farm activity.

Fully customizable tours, means you can see exactly what interests you and your group. Come at milking time and get a real taste of farm life. Feed the cows, maybe even milk one or bottle-feed the baby calves. Outdoor walking tours are offered (weather permitting) or your tour can include a ride on the tractor pulled wagons.


Hemmer Hill Sheep Farm


Crestwood, KY (Exit 14 off I-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
502.228.3860 – WebsiteEmail

Individual Tours (under 10 ppl): $10 per person. $20 tour minimum.
Group Tours (10+ ppl): $5 per person
Tour Length: 1 Hour
Age: Any

Visit this small working farm with diverse agriculture where they raise pure-bred and registered St. Croix Hair sheep for breeding and food. This breed of sheep is from the Virgin Islands and is one of the few parasite-resistant breeds in the U.S. The farm also raises Shiitake mushrooms on oak logs, in addition to wine cap and oyster mushrooms sold fresh and dehydrated at farmer’s markets.

Hemmer Hill also operates a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), called EpiCurious, which specializes in gourmet vegetables. During a tour in the spring, one might observe births and bottle feed a baby lamb. In harvest season, visitors can help with harvesting garlic, mushrooms and vegetables. Be sure to visit Churchill, a special donkey, who loves visitors of all ages. He spent his early days in a petting zoo, but is now a guard animal for the sheep.


Hermitage Farm (Historic Thoroughbred Farm)


Goshen, KY (Exit 14 off 1-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
502.228.1426 – Website
TOURS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (April – August & October; Fridays Only)

Individual & Group Tours: $20 per person. $12 per child (11 & under)
Tour Length: 1 Hour
Age: Any

PLEASE NOTE: For the health and safety of guests and horses, we ask that you do not touch or feed the horses.

With roots that span generations, Hermitage is a world-class equine operation. Purchased in the 1800s as part of a land grant, Hermitage has been a working farm for nearly two centuries. Today the farm operates as a maternity ward and nursery for most of the year, producing over 200 stakes winners since its inception. Past thoroughbred residents at Hermitage include a number of champions including Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Oaks, and Breeders’ Cup winners, as well as more than 200 stakes winners.


Meadowview Farm & Natural Habitat Garden & Foodie Tours


2005 Meadowview Drive, Crestwood, KY (Exit 18 off 1-71)
502.472.8897 – WebsiteEmailDirections
TOURS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (March – December) by phone or through our website. Please visit our calendar to verify your date and time are available. VISA, MC, Discover, and American Express are accepted.

Tour Hours:  Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm. Closed Sunday. 24 hour advance reservation required.

Individual Tours (under 10 ppl): General Tour: $10 per person. $20 min.
Group Tours {10+ ppl): $5 per person. Motorcoach Accessible. Not wheelchair or handicap accessible.
Tour Length: 1 – 2 Hours (based on preference)
Age: Any

Click here for ADDITIONAL Foodie Tours & Seasonal Foodie Experiences!

GENERAL TOUR: Tour a small scale sustainable farm that specializes in Kentucky native plants, heirloom corn and vegetables, and wild crafted home decor. ValueYou will be introduced to tall grass meadow establishment, management, native plant use as predator habitat, habitat health, species diversification, wildlife management, high and low tunnel season extending production methods. *Value-added and fresh fruits and vegetables are available seasonally for purchase in addition to perennial plants, succulents, air plants and home décor created from natural, on property material.

The property consists of 5 acres, 2.5 are wooded with the remaining 2.5 used in vegetable, fruit and nursery stock production. Since 2003 the property has been managed for invasive plant identification and removal, continual review of meadow species diversification, introduction of Bluegrass Region specific Kentucky native trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses, wildlife use and overall habitat health with the identification of bird, butterfly and insect species.


Morgan Conservation Park


1551 N. Highway 393, La Grange, KY
502.241.9674 – Website

This park was once the property of the Morgan family for over 100 years. A cattle and tobacco farm, the park itself is 252 acres and was part of the much larger farming operation. The park was acquired in 2003 and sits adjacent to land that is still owned by the family. There are over 4 miles of trails throughout the park which highlight its various features and terrains. Waterfalls, geological outcroppings, and even an old burial site that was owned by the Abbott family and dating back to the mid 1800s.

The Morgan Conservation Park is home to many species of birds, mammals and amphibians. Noteworthy inhabitants include the green heron, gray fox, and longtail salamander. The park now preserves numerous types of wildlife and plant life and ensures it will be enjoyed by generations to come.


Rootbound Farm


Organic Farming and Farm-to-Table Tour
Crestwood, KY (Exit 14 off 1-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
859.433.2563 – WebsiteEmail
TOURS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (All year. In winter months, sheep tour only.)

Individual Tours (under 7 ppl): $12 per person. $75 tour minimum.
Call to be combined with others for per-person savings!
Group Tours (7+ ppl): $12 per person
Tour Length: 1.5 Hours
Age: Any

Rootbound Farm is a certified organic farm producing vegetables and grass-fed lamb for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and farmer’s markets as well as many of Louisville’s best farm-to-table restaurants. You’ll learn about organic production and sustainable growing practices such as cover cropping, natural methods for disease and pest control, and water conservation.

Learn about how your food is grown by following a plant from seed to field to harvest. Their flock of 75 Katahdin sheep are a highlight of the tour and you’ll learn about the joy of animal husbandry and the benefits of managing animals naturally. Everything lives in harmony with their system of rotational grazing, natural parasite management, and livestock guardian dogs. It keeps everyone happy and healthy.


Second Stride Retired Race Horse Farm


Prospect, KY (Exit 14 off 1-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
502.241.8440 – WebsiteEmail

Individual Tours (under 10 ppl): $10 per person. $20 tour minimum.
Group Tours (10+ ppl): $10 per person
Tour Length: 1 Hour
Age: 6+

Come see firsthand how these special Thoroughbred horses start down the path to new careers after racing! This HANDS-ON informative tour will highlight the kings and queens of Kentucky race heritage while they are getting a new lease on life! You will be able to get up close and personal with them and see some spectacular bloodlines in action!

At Second Stride, there are many $500,000+ earners and sons and daughters of racing legends like Storm Cat, Tapit who come start new jobs here. Be sure to take lots of pictures to share with your friends as all of the horses are adoptable and you may help spread the news to find a home for a horse-in-waiting! You will get to take a special momento home with you to remember your experience here!

Second Stride is a 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization providing professional rehabilitation, retraining, and placement for retired thoroughbred racehorses in qualified homes so that they may reach their full potential in a productive second career.


Spruce Point Horse Farm


Tours for persons with disabilities and their caregivers only.
La Grange, KY (Exit 22 off 1-71) – Directions provided with reservation.

Individual Tours: Charitable donation requested. Suggested $10 per person.
Group Tours: (2-10 ppl). Charitable donation requested. Suggested $10 per person.

Spruce Point Farm is home to Exceptional Equitation, a nonprofit therapeutic riding program. The interactive tours for persons with disabilities includes grooming and learning about horses, feeding chickens, petting dogs and cats, gathering eggs, and seeing alpacas. Exploring the 15-acre farm gives participants an opportunity to observe the natural environment. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the country!


Windy Meadows Horse Farm


La Grange, KY (Exit 22 off 1-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
502.608.6179 – Website

Individual Tours (under 10 ppl): Charitable Donation ($10 minimum per person)
Group Tours (10+ ppl): $10 per person
Tour Length: 1 Hour
Age: Any

Come see this Hallmark® film favorite! You ‘ll recognize this horse farm from Hallmark ‘s latest movies, “The Ultimate Legacy” series and “J.L. Ranch.” Not only is Windy Meadows a film favorite that you’ll recognize, you can also meet the characters of owner, Ellie Troutman’s book, “The Tails of Windy Meadows.”

Horse lovers of all ages will enjoy the stories about life on the Windy Meadows farm seen and told through the eyes of its animals. This fabulous horse farm tour showcases horses of ALL breeds and tells the story of each gorgeous one. You will learn the REAL story about living the life being part of the Kentucky horse industry…not just about racing!

Be sure to make a stop in historic La Grange and see the farm owner ‘s four shops on Main Street: The Treasured Child toy store, Absolutely Fabulous Boutique, the 1887 Corner Store and La Grange Antique Mall. Also visit our Trains page for a complete list of shops.


Woodland Farm (Kentucky Bison Company)

La Grange, KY (Exit 22 off 1-71) – Directions provided with reservation.
502.222.7051 – WebsiteEmail
TOURS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY (April – October – first Thurs. of month)

Individual Tours (under 10 ppl): $12 per person (only 1st Thurs each month)
Group Tours (10+ ppl): $12 per person. Any weekday with reservation and pre-payment.
Tour Length: 1.5 Hours
Age: Any

Farm Store: The Farm’s sustainably-raised bison, pork, eggs, and produce can be purchased Tuesday-Friday from 8am to 4pm.

3-Part Educational Tour Includes (with gorgeous views of the Ohio River):

Section 1 – Pasture raised bison and laying hens. You ‘ll visit the main bison herd and hear the benefits of intensive rotational grazing. You’ll also explore their mobile coop and hear about the role pastured chickens play in pest reduction and fertilization.

Section 2 – Horticulture. You ‘ll head to the greenhouse and gardens to learn about raising produce without synthetic fertilizer or chemicals. They’ll also explain the plant production systems currently in place.

Section 3 – Pasture raised heritage hogs. Finally, the tour will head down to the river bottoms to see how hogs being raised alongside their feed sources helps reduce cost while improving meat quality.


Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

6220 Old La Grange Rd., Crestwood (Exit 14 off 1-71)
502.241.4788 – WebsiteEmail

General Admission (on your own): $7 adults, $5 seniors over 55, children under 12 are free. Tour guides can usually be arranged for groups of 10 or more.

Yew Dell is a nationally-recognized center of gardening and sustainable horticulture that offers extensive display gardens, a diverse slate of educational programs, family-oriented community events, ongoing research into new and better garden plants, and a wide range of private event facilities. Be sure to see the unique Yew Dell castle that sits atop the gardens!

Attractions at Yew Dell: Castle, Arboretum, Greenhouse & Nursery, Hiking Trails, Classes & Special Events, Gift Shop in old Tobacco Barn, and Kids’ Activity Backpacks and Books ‘n’ Blankets.



Hermitage Classic

An international combined-driving competition held annually at the Hermitage International Training Center of Hermitage Farm. With roots that span generations, Hermitage is a world-class equine operation tied to Oldham County, Kentucky’s rich farming industry. Purchased in the 1800’s as part of a land grant, Hermitage has been a working farm for nearly two centuries. Today broodmares, foals, and yearlings graze the land that has long been recognized as some of the most fertile and productive in Kentucky.

10500 W. Highway 42
Goshen, KY 40026


42 Fleur De Lis Mini-Trial Series
The 42 Fleur De Lis Mini-Trial Series (42FDL) is a collection of (1) day (3) phased events; Dressage, Stadium and Cross Country; called a Mini Horse Trial. Dedicated facility owners have come together to create a series of Mini Horse Trials where everyone can enjoy the sport of eventing! No matter you or your horse’s age or level, with the 42 Fleur De Lis Mini-Trial Series you can experience the sport of Eventing in a supportive, safe, fun and relaxed atmosphere.

At the end of the Mini-Horse Trial Series, the 42 Fleur De Lis hosts a year end banquet and awards ceremony to celebrate the participant’s hard work and accomplishments throughout the season!

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Circle Bar C Ranch
Circle Bar C Ranch is the area’s best example of a professional equine facility and operational horse ranch. The owners of Circle Bar C Ranch have spent more than 20 years designing and building this premier training and boarding facility and spared no expense when it came to the horses safety and quality of life. Every minute detail has been considered and addressed to allow horse owners peace of mind when it comes to the care of their animals.

The facility at Circle Bar C Ranch is second to none in the area. With over 100 acres of pasture for horses to graze to 50+ miles of trails to ride and enjoy. The ranch includes 12′ x 12′ stalls and individual paddocks plus 3 hot and cold wash racks. Nelson automatic feeders and waterers and therapeutic flooring in the stalls help to care for the animals as well as multiple daily checks by the ranches professional staff.

The Benton Jackson Arena provides over 55,000 sq. ft. of premium quality Kiser footing to ensure the safety of the animals as well as the participants. This high-tech arena incorporates an announcer’s booth, attached holding stalls and an advanced digital camera system to catch the action! This is one of the best indoor arenas in Kentucky and it is available for shows, competitions, clinics and open arena riding.

1424 Bluegrass Parkway
La Grange, KY  40031
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Oldham County Saddle Club
We offer a wide range of activities at all levels including shows, trail rides, and social events! If you are looking for a casual, fun environment to enjoy your horse, meet new friends, and just have a good time, this is the Club for you!

Sarah Garner – Clover Lea Farm
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