Foodie Group Tours Near Louisville

Enjoy Farm To Table Dining in Oldham County, KY!
Family enjoying outdoor dining and farm fresh food

A Personal Foodie Experience for Groups

Her Bacon Jam. Her Grandma’s Candy Orange Slice Cake. Her Stories.

Back by Popular Demand for Groups of 10 or more!


A photo of Kim Buckler Hydes, Tourism Director in Oldham County, KYHer Cinnamon Coffee Pecans. Her Kentucky Comfort Foods Buffet. Her stories from a unique childhood. Our Tourism Director, Kim Buckler Hydes, is an Oldham resident and is your step-on guide while you’re in our backyard. She offers personal stories, tidbits of local information (and gossip!), and has been known to invite tours to her wedding – really – and spend days cooking at home so Foodies get a taste of her Kentucky culinary family history – and she includes recipe cards! It doesn’t get more personal than that – ONLY in Oldham, KY!


In addition to a taste of Kim’s Kentucky heritage, get a behind-the-scenes taste and tour of 3 foodie farms of your choice PLUSicing on the CAKE – one of our famous horse farm tours! 


Oldham Farm Tours offers award-winning foodie farms who supply food to local restaurants, hotels such as 21C, and regional farmer’s markets. Visit our Farm Tours page for complete descriptions. With notice, an interactive cooking demo can be conducted with Tourism’s Executive Director & The Foodie Tourist, Kim Buckler Hydes.


If visiting weekends  in April – October, you will love our La Grange Farmer’s Market & Artisans on the courthouse lawn in historic downtown La Grange!

Choose Your 3 Foodie Farm Tours

Harvest Moon Dairy Farm & Cheese

At Harvest Moon Farm and Dairy, they love what they do, and it shows! They enjoy teaching about life as a working dairy for Dean’s Foods, and love showing the process of how their milk gets to your favorite grocery! Tours are educational and offer the hands-on experiences such as making corn meal, milking and feeding the animals. Tours may include the rest of the farm showing how to grow, harvest, and store crops; use conservation practices to protect the environment; or any seasonal farm activity. Fully customizable tours, means you can see exactly what interests you and your group. Come at milking time and get a real taste of farm life. Feed the cows, maybe even milk one or bottle-feed the baby calves. Outdoor walking tours are offered (weather permitting) or your tour can include a ride on the tractor pulled wagons.

Hemmer Hill Sheep Farm

Visit this small working farm with diverse agriculture where they raise pure-bred and registered St. Croix hair sheep for breeding and food. This breed of sheep is from the Virgin Islands and is one of the few parasite-resistant breeds in the U.S. The farm also raises Shiitake mushrooms on oak logs, in addition to wine cap and oyster mushrooms sold fresh and dehydrated at farmer’s markets. Hemmer Hill also operates a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), called EpiCurious, which specializes in gourmet vegetables. During a tour in the spring, one might observe births and bottle feed a baby lamb. In harvest season, visitors can help with harvesting garlic, mushrooms and vegetables. Be sure to visit Churchill, a special donkey, who loves visitors of all ages. He spent his early days in a petting zoo, but is now a guard animal for the sheep.

Woodland Farm

3-Part Educational Tour Includes (with gorgeous views of the Ohio River from a hay wagon): Art, giant green rabbits, tree houses, farm store, bison! Learn about pasture-raised bison and laying hens. You‘ll visit the main bison herd and hear the benefits of intensive rotational grazing. You’ll also explore their mobile coop and hear about the role pastured chickens play in pest reduction and fertilization. You‘ll head to the greenhouse and gardens to learn about raising produce without synthetic fertilizer or chemicals. They’ll also explain the plant production systems and Finally, the tour will head down to the river bottoms to see more babies!

Rootbound Farm (Farm-to-Table Tour)

Rootbound Farm is a certified organic farm producing vegetables and grass-fed lamb for their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and farmer’s markets as well as many of Louisville’s best farm-to-table restaurants. You’ll learn about organic production and sustainable growing practices such as cover cropping, natural methods for disease and pest control, and water conservation. Learn about how your food is grown by following a plant from seed to field to harvest. Their flock of 75 Katahdin sheep are a highlight of the tour and you’ll learn about the joy of animal husbandry and the benefits of managing animals naturally. Everything lives in harmony with their system of rotational grazing, natural parasite management, and livestock guardian dogs. It keeps everyone happy and healthy.

Dropseed Nursery & Field 51 Produce

Dropseed Native Plant Nursery produces native plants and seed for restoration and home landscaping projects. Visitors can tour the gardens, greenhouses, and seed production plots. Bonus Tour: While on site, see the farming activities at Field 51 Produce, a farm sharing the same property producing vegetables, chickens and sheep.