New Oldham County Microbrewery Opens on St. Patrick’s Day

New Oldham County Microbrewery Opens on St. Patrick’s Day

TOURISM NOTE:  Prospect, KY has its first microbrewery and Oldham County its second brewery with the opening of The Oldham Brewing Co. in April 2022. Located in the GlenOaks Country Club clubhouse, all of the owners are North Oldham volunteer firefighters. The microbrewery was officially started February 2021 when the owners braved the pandemic to endeavor to produce drinkable and approachable all-grain craft beer. The long-term goal of the business is to obtain a brick-and-mortar brewery where everyone is welcome to enjoy the brews of our labor. The owners want to support their community by offering the grain by-products of the beer brewing process to local farmers to feed their livestock. The Oldham Brewing Co. is located at 10601 Worthington Lane, Prospect, KY 40059 in the GlenOaks clubhouse which is located in the GlenOaks neighborhood across from Norton Commons.

By Michael L. Jones  –  Reporter
Louisville Business First

After a long delay, Prospect is finally getting its first microbrewery — and it’s opening on St. Patrick’s Day.

Jon Fee, co-owner of The Oldham Brewing Co., said the new microbrewery will open on Thursday at 10601 Worthington Lane, Suite B in the GlenOaks Country Club.

Fee said he and his partners, Brad Conrad and Steve Cayton, had hoped to be open sooner but they faced about six months in delays going through the process to get licensed by the federal government, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and the local Alcohol and Beverage Control board.

Fortunately for the partnership group, the microbrewery will be ready for this week’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Fee said he and his partners plan to keep things simple with a performance by a local musician and lots of good beer.

The microbrewery will act as a distributor, but GlenOaks employees will actually be serving guests.

Oldham Brewing Co. is the first microbrewery in Prospect and the second in Oldham County, after 3rd Turn Brewing’s Oldham Gardens in Crestwood.

There will be three new brew on tap Thursday: Nooner Citrus Wheat,  a pale ale grain profile with big hints of tropical fruit flavors and a crisp finish. Tropic(al) Thunder Hazy Pale, fresh citrus blended into a wheat base that provides a counter-balance to the sours of citrus; and Horsepeple of the Hopocalypse, a perfect introductory IPA for the uninitiated.

Photo in original article:  Jon Fee, left, and Steve Cayton, right, are two of the owners of the Oldham Brewing Co., a new brewery opening at the GlenOaks Country Club.

Fee said the microbrewery plans to keep up to 7 beers on tap at all times.

“All of our beers come from Jon’s imagination. So, if there is one that doesn’t sell well, I guess we’ll have to drink it ourselves, but that’s still a win for us,” Cayton added.

Fee, Cayton, and Conrad are all North Oldham volunteer firefighters. Fee, a local attorney, started brewing while in law school at the University of Colorado Boulder in the late 2000s. His approach is to dial down the hops and amp up the sweetness to make his creations more appealing to the non-craft beer drinkers.

Cayton and Conrad were fans of Fee’s hobby and the three of them decided to turn it into a business in 2021. Cayton is a national account manager at automation technology manufacturer Sick’s Louisville sales office and Conrad is a market analyst for Humana.

Fee said the original concept for the microbrewery is a little different than the one he and his partners started working on last year. Rather than open as an independent commercial space, Fee said the microbrewery will distribute its products through GlenOaks.

The Oldham Brewing Co. will have up to seven beers on tap.

Fee said the long-term goal is still to open a brick-and-mortar commercial space, but because of the delays the partnership group decided to start small.

“The brewing area is about 400 square feet,” he said. “There was back room here at the club that wasn’t being used, and we got all the stuff out and put in the floor drain and that’s where we are.”

The brewery has a patio that overlooks the 9th green of the country club’s golf course. Because they handled the work themselves, Fee declined to disclose how much the partnership group invested in the microbrewery, but he said there were minimal start-up costs since they haven’t had to hire employees yet and are doing most of the work themselves.

The Oldham Brewing Co. will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

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