Small Town Kentucky Group Tour

Experience Small Town Kentucky!

Oldham’s Small Town Kentucky Tour

6 Nights & 7 Days

This is a FABULOUS tour of Small Town Kentucky, if you’ve never been here… or if you’ve only visited the obvious cities – Louisville and Lexington. Another benefit to traveling “small town” is the overall cost of your tour, starting with your transient room taxes!


If you research the most visited attractions in Kentucky, what you’ll find is that most of them are in our small towns. Want a fabulous horse farm tour? Then come to Oldham, KY for a horse farm tour where you can actually TOUCH the horses!


Mammoth Cavealso located in MANY small towns! Personalized distillery tours… small towns are where you’ll find the craft tours! Even the likes of Shaker Village, Kentucky Down Under, Whistle Stop restaurant and Claudia Sanders Dinner House… all small towns. The Ark Encounter and Creation Museum…BIG attractions, both in small towns. Most Kentucky distilleries, and more specifically, the new Castle & Key, are located in small towns.


As it is currently, you will enter Northern Kentucky via Interstate 71 toward Louisville to Exit 22, Oldham, KY’s county seat of La Grange, for 2 nights (20 minutes from downtown Louisville), then over to Bardstown and Harrodsburg, then onto the likes of Mammoth Cave, Glendale and Bowling Green – with stops in between and fantastic hidden gems for m


This Special Tour was a request we put together for our Tour Operator friends in Minnesota! We can plan the entire 7 days for you or suggestion areas of the state and attractions that flow with your travel itinerary. This tour was designed specifically to bring a group into Kentucky one way, and leave a different route, allowing for as much sightseeing and breathtaking views of our gorgeous state as possible!


Contact us with your entrance and exit points and we’ll be happy to help you customize the rest of your Kentucky Trip!