Terrain360 to Digitally Image Map Portions of the Ohio River

Terrain360 to Digitally Image Map Portions of the Ohio River

Alongside The Lewis and Clark Trust and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (NPS), the project will map the Ohio River through Kentucky.

An official partnership between Terrain360, The Lewis and Clark Trust, and the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, will come to life this month when Terrain360 begins mapping the Ohio River in Kentucky from Ashland to West Point. Beginning June 21 and continuing until June 27, a specially designed boat with a 14-foot-high camera tower will travel 260 river miles capturing images of the Ohio River and its riverside communities.

“We look forward to mapping out the river-left portion of the Ohio River from Ashland, Kentucky to West Point, Kentucky, “said Ryan Abrahamsen, founder of Terrain360. “We are utilizing proprietary imaging technology to capture over 300,000 images every 10 to 20 feet of the shoreline.”

The Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and the National Park Service are offering technical advice for Terrain360 in order to encourage responsible visitation and cultural-heritage conservation along the 4,900-mile Lewis and Clark Trail. The video mapping will enhance accessibility of the Trail by providing visual access to the general public.

“The perspectives from the river are seldom seen by many and can inspire interest in the protection of the natural and cultural resources,” said Dan Wiley, Senior Leader, Integrated Resources Stewardship. “These resources remain due to the support of stewards who care and a public that wants them sustained for future generations.”

The image maps will live on Terrain360.com, Lewisandclark.travel and lewisandclarktrust.org as a highly interactive virtual experience that allows visitors to travel the same waterway that Lewis and Clark started down during their exploration of the western portion of the United States in the early 1800s.

“This is a pilot project for the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail through a sponsorship by The Lewis and Clark Trust, Inc. and The Kentucky Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission Fund,” said Jim Mallory, Vice Chairman of Lewis and Clark Trust, Inc. “We extend our gratitude to the Filson Historical Society for factual historical assistance during the filming and the Kentucky Historical Society Foundation (Frankfort, KY) for serving as a fiduciary for the Kentucky Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Fund.”

The Lewis and Clark Expedition has served as a baseline for the study of physical changes to America’s natural resources. “Filming and recording the exact location of recreational and natural resources with modern-day GPS data will serve all people through the promotion of tourism that leads to better health and education,” Mallory said.

ABOUT TERRAIN360:  A leader in new-age digital preservation, Terrain360 provides water and street-level imagery for thousands of waterways, hiking/biking trails, and ecologically sensitive locations. Utilizing a variety of automated image capture vehicles, Terrain360 digitally compares rivers and paths to measure shoreline erosion, trail changes, and environmental impacts over time.

ABOUT THE LEWIS AND CLARK NATIONAL HISTORIC TRAIL:  The 4,900-mile-long Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail follows the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition across North America and passes through the territories of more than sixty tribes.

ABOUT THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE:  More than 20,000 National Park Service employees care for America’s more than 400 national parks and work with communities across the nation to preserve local history and create close-to-home recreational opportunities.

ABOUT THE LEWIS AND CLARK TRUST, INC.: The Lewis and Clark Trust, Inc., is a Friends Group of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and is honored to assist with funding for the pilot project to film the Kentucky segment of the Ohio River-Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. This important project will be beneficial to the tourism industry, as it will be used as a tool for preservation through education.

Background:  Oldham County Tourism & Conventions was approached last year by Jim Mallory, vice chairman of the Lewis and Clark Trust, Inc., to establish an auto trail marking the Eastern Legacy of the Lewis & Clark Expedition of 1803 – 1806. Organizers hope that by extending the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail (LCNHT) into Oldham County, it will encourage more visitors to get out and explore the county’s rich historical connection and related attractions.  In addition to the tour, Oldham County Tourism is in the process of collaborating with Oldham County Parks & Rec to create a Junior Explorer program that will highlight several Oldham County attractions and county parks with historical tie-ins to Lewis & Clark. The program and tour will include:  Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve, Longfield Farm, Morgan Conservation Park, Wendell Moore Park, Schamback Park, and Briar Hill Park. Oldham County Tourism’s leg of the LCNHT starts on US Hwy. 42, and as a result, Tourism is creating its own Lewis & Clark Trail Loop in Oldham County. The chosen route for the LCNHT follows the Ohio River as closely as possible. For driving purposes several points/attractions along US Hwy 42 were chosen and will be highlighted on the tour as the Trail follows the roads the public uses today.

Significance for Oldham County Tourism:  The Lewis & Clark Trail Loop will attract adults who want to learn more about the historical significance Oldham County played in the Lewis & Clark Expedition, while visiting several unique county attractions. It will also attract children ages 6-16 to participate in the Junior Explorer Program with different events at each site to engage their curiosity and highlight their concept of local history with hands-on activities.


NOTE:  The anticipated stopping point in Oldham County for Terrain360 is Westport.

Stay tuned for updates!!!

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