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Come Taste the Memories… Cooking at Home with The Foodie Tourist

So here we are in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked social followers to ask Oldham KY Tourism for easy recipes to shake things up AT HOME during the quarantine. So since social distancing now means no more date nights to Costco – we thought we’d come up with a cool, unique way to get together separatelySo…


Throw on your Yoga Pants & Ball Cap. Grab a Friday Cocktail & Cook Along with The Foodie Tourist during a LIVE Cooking Demo in Your Own Kitchen!


During COVID-19 quarantine, The Foodie Tourist will offer fun, off-the-cuff, online COOKING CLASSES from her condo kitchen EVERY FRIDAY at 5pm for an hour-ish via ZOOM. SIGN-UPS are limited to 20 people and are FREE thru May 8th!


How Does It Work?

A box of farm fresh vegetablesThe first 20 people to SIGN UP by EMAIL will be on the list to receive the weekly recipe on Tuesday of the same week! You will have time to shop for everyday pantry ingredients ahead of the Friday class. The emailed recipe will include a basic version of the dish, all supplies needed, and a list of “Make It Your Own” ingredient suggestions!  Then, Friday morningClass Day – you will receive your Zoom class login code for joining the LIVE class!


Have all your ingredients and supplies ready on the counter by 4:45, then LOG IN to Zoom on your tablet or laptop (see above photo) using the login code. That’s it!  By the end of each class you will have prepared a meal ready for the oven, the freezer, or your table. Cook along or be entertained!

Who Is The Foodie Tourist

A photo of Kim Buckler Hydes, Tourism Director in Oldham County, KYBack in 2012, Oldham Tourism Executive Director, Kim Buckler Hydes, started a personal blog to journal her unique childhood experiences, funny stories, and lessons learned, as a legacy for her young niece, Ashleigh. “I quickly realized that most of my memories were, and still are, attached to food in some way,” she said. “I remember gathering in the cafeteria for dinner where I grew up and getting dressed up to go. I would talk about an Amish lady of my childhood who taught me to can, and I’d describe a potluck dish from a church where I sang when I was 12. I could always remember gathering around food no matter where I was,” she continued.


A funny food memory she has is picking ears of corn from the field and running it through the commercial dishwasher to sterilize it. When asked about favorite foodie memories, Kim said, “one of my favorite childhood memories was making a candy orange slice cake with a lady I adopted as my grandma. We were mid-way through her recipe when she realized we didn’t have the main ingredient – the orange candies – because I secretly ate them all the night before,” she said. “I still make that cake to this day and I always buy more candy orange slices so I can eat some,” she laughs.


When Facebook became a thing Kim would take meal photos as a record of her trips and travels, or a dish she would duplicate from a new restaurant. She would later scroll through her Facebook photos with restaurant tags and reflect on her trips in detail, letting the food photos trigger the memories. Friends would often ask where and what to eat when they traveled to new cities and again, she would scroll through her Facebook photos for memories. She admits that she’s rarely in the photos, but the best foods are! “Have you noticed that great vacation stories include awesome food memories whether they are good, bad or ugly?” she asked.


In 2018 Kim returned from her honeymoon to a call from Ashleigh wanting her baked egg recipe. When Kim sent her to The Foodie Tourist website to print the recipe, Ashleigh told her that the page was down. As it turned out the entire website was gone! According to GoDaddy, there was no longer a record that The Foodie Tourist website existed – and 6 years of recipes and memories were lost! What?? Overwhelmed by the thought of her foodie memories (and childhood stories attached to them) being gone forever, Kim could not recreate the website or blog. She just unpublished The Foodie Tourist – Kim Buckler Facebook page and stopped. But she didn’t have the heart to permanently delete them.


Since then, in an effort to develop a uniquely personal destination, Kim started to entertain motorcoach groups of 35-50 with her recipes and unique childhood stories – attached to the food of her Kentucky past and present. She hosted live cooking demos and “tastes & tours” of Oldham County based on her recipes, creating an authentic Kentucky experience for groups. “One group came from Ohio as followers of The Foodie Tourist blog and I was able to keep them entertained for four days in Oldham County with farm tours, distillery tours, and botanical garden tours – with a food sampling at each. It was one of my favorite group tours to date,” she said. “They loved the stories and the small mason jars filled with the memories they learned of, and the recipes cards that were included,” she said. That tour became Oldham’s Foodie & Farm Getaway.

Come Taste the Memories with The Foodie Tourist in Oldham County, Kentucky