Oldham Trains On Main

Come Feel the Rumble in Oldham County, Kentucky

It starts as a low rumble. Then, the bells. Next, vibrations. Most first-time visitors to historic downtown La Grange are astounded as they watch a freight train roll through town. Yes, a train runs through it — right down the center of Main Street. Up to 30 trains a day come through this county seat of Oldham County, Kentucky, much to the delight of locals and tourists a like. CSX who owns the railroad runs numerous trains through. Because the roads are narrow, cars are forced to park on either side of the tracks when a train is passing through. The speed limit for trains in downtown is 10 mph. There is nothing quite like witnessing the train passing as you meander through all the walkable shops, galleries, coffee houses, or as you eat in the restaurants! This experience can only be had in La Grange, Kentucky.





“On-street running” or “street running” is the routing of a railroad track or tramway track running directly along public streets, without any separation. The rails are embedded in the roadway pavement, and the train shares the street directly with pedestrians and automobile traffic. Trains generally travel at reduced speed for safety reasons (Wikipedia). While there are other street runners in the US, La Grange, KY has the only street runner left in America that actually runs on Main Street. Photographers visit from around the world to capture the train rolling through town. La Grange locals also love watching the circus train come through town on its way to Louisville for the big show.


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