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Keep Your STPR In Compliance!

Resources for Short-Term Rental Properties in Oldham, KY

Below you will find supporting documents and forms related to the Short-Term Rentals in Oldham County. Here you will find ordinances, forms, applications, and articles to help you conduct your Oldham tourist business with the most accurate and up-to-date information. If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to call, come by, or drop us an email. Our goal is for you to be successful!


Oldham County Short Term Rental Props (STRP) – Effective Mar 2018

City of La Grange Short Term Rental Props (STRP) – Effective Sept 2019


Short Term Rental Property (STRP)a residential dwelling unit that is used and/or advertised for rent for transient occupancy by guests for less than 30 days. Dwelling units rented to the same occupant for more than 30 continuous days, Bed and Breakfast establishments, boarding houses, hotels, and motels shall not be considered Short Term Rental Property.


If you are considering renting your room(s), condo, apartment, or home on such websites as VRBO, AirBnB, Home Away, Trip Advisor, etc. be sure to download the Oldham Short Term Rental Ordinance below and read it THOROUGHLY. You are required to have a Short-Term Rental Permit from Oldham County Planning & Zoning OR a business license from the City of La Grange, depending where your property is located. There are no exceptions, including if you rent less than 14 days per year, and including those who only rent for specific events such as the Kentucky Derby.  Be aware that your current listings on AirBnB, VRBO, Home Away, etc. are not grandfathered in. You’ll want to take care of this immediately with Planning & Zoning or the City of La Grange to avoid penalties, interest, and possible back tax payments.

You May Not Be Aware…

To operate a short term rental property in Kentucky and Oldham County, you MUST be collecting from your guests in the following breakdown: 6% KY Sales Tax, 1% KY Transient Tax, and 3% Oldham County Transient Room Tax (form below). To be clear, YOU do not pay this tax out of your pocket. You ADD the taxes to the cost of your rental just as you would a sales tax. Need help with those additional taxes? We have included links to the state sales tax form and the KY Transient Tax form.


NOTE:  If your property is in the La Grange city limits, call City Hall (502) 222-1433 for City-specific guidelines & fees in addition to those listed here.


As of July 2019, AirBnB collects and submits your 3% Oldham County Transient Room Tax – but not your 3% City of La Grange transient room tax if you are in the City. Oldham County Fiscal Court (Oldham County Treasurer) does not currently have such an agreement with VRBO or HomeAway for the collection of taxes, therefore, the taxpayer is responsible for remitting the taxes related to bookings through those platforms.


AirBnB remains the only online platform that will collect and remit your county transient room tax on behalf of the taxpayer. You are still responsible for submitting your own VRBO or other platform’s taxes.


You are also responsible for submitting ALL City of La Grange taxes from AirBnB, VRBO, and any other 3rd party site.

Be Legal in Oldham County (excluding the City of La Grange) in 3 Easy Steps

  1. First, you will need a Short Term Rental Property Permit from Oldham County Planning & Zoning (Application below) if you are NOT in the city limits of LaGrange.  If you are in the the City of La Grange, you must obtain a City business license from the City rather than the County’s Permit. (form below).
  2. Next, start submitting your monthly Oldham County Transient Room Tax Form & Taxes (form below) to the Oldham County Treasurer – monthly, even if the rental amount is ZERO – the form is required. *As of September 2019, the City of La Grange enacted their own 3% CIty Transient Room Tax and is in addition to the current Oldham County Transient Room Tax. If you are in the City of La Grange, call City Hall for the City of LaGrange Transient Room Tax Forms (502) 222-1433.
  3. Be included in Oldham Tourism Marketing – no additional cost to you! Just fill out the Oldham Short-Term Rental Marketing Form (below) with your property details & email to Oldham Tourism at Director@TourOldham.com to be included in Oldham County’s Tourist Marketing (includes 2 photos).

If you need additional help, try our LIVE CHAT or give us a call if we can help further. Come and enjoy your stay in our backyard! We look forward to your visit!

Short Term Rental Property Forms

Download the Oldham Planning & Zoning Ordinance in PDF format. This documents outlines the legal requirements for operating a short-term-rental property in Oldham County, Kentucky.

Once you have read the Short Term Rental Ordinance,  fill out the Short Term Rental App and submit to Amy Alvey in Planning and Zoning. Once approved by Planning & Zoning and a STRP Permit obtained, your approval will be forwarded to Oldham KY Tourism.

Currently 3% of total monthly gross rental income. Payable & due the 15th of EVERY month (for the previous month) to the Oldham County Treasurer (completed form is due even if rental collection is $0). Instructions are included. *Form due monthly even if the dollar amount is ZERO.

Ordinance establishing the Oldham Tourism Commission in 1996 and established the Oldham County Transient Room Tax of 3%. Please read carefully as there are no exceptions to its collection if rooms or homes are rented to transient guests for less than 30 day increments.

Download the City of La Grange Short-Term Rental Property Application. City of LaGrange properties only, in lieu of County Permit. A separate application must be submitted for each short-term rental request.

Complete this form AFTER you receive your STRP Permit from Oldham Planning & Zoning or the City of La Grange. You will need your Permit Number for this form. This form is to gather info for Oldham Tourism promotions such as website and brochures! Email your completed form and 2 photos to Kim Hydes at Director@TourOldham.com.

Welcome To Oldham County Kentucky Tourism

Oldham Tourism is excited that you are considering offering your property as a short-term rental in Oldham County! Our job as a Tourism Commission is to promote what we have to offer to visitors and guests! We create unique experiences for vacationers, reunions, conventions, group motor coach bus tours, corporate retreats, and those just needing a break from the hum drum of their daily lives. How do we do that? By packaging activities and events in the county to entice them to spend the night with us and enjoy our attractions, shops, and restaurants for at least 2 days! We promote overnight stays WITHOUT additional fees once you are collecting and submitting the Oldham County Transient Room Tax!


We receive MANY requests from our marketing and advertising for unique places to stay…homes on farms, homes with lakes, homes with river views, homes for family reunions, homes for events, homes for large groups, and homes tucked away in the country. We look forward to helping you get the word out about your property…and it’s EASY! If you haven’t visited this website, take a look at the Trip Ideas page to see creative ways we promote our short-term rentals and B&Bs.


If you need further help or if you have marketing or Oldham Transient Room Tax questions, please do not hesitate to call the Oldham County Tourism office at (502) 222-0056 or email Director@TourOldham.com or the Oldham County Treasurer, Melissa Horn at (502) 222-9357.


If you have questions regarding the City of LaGrange office, call City Hall at (502) 222-1433.


For Oldham County Short-Term Rental Permit questions, call Amy Alvey in Planning and Zoning at (502) 222-1476, or email Amy at aalvey@oldhamcountyky.gov. For City of LaGrange Short Term Rental Permit questions, please contact La Grange City Hall at (502) 222-1433